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Predictions for Vampire Diaries Season 5

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What am I looking forward to in tonight’s premier?

 Will we see much of the Mikaelsons with them getting their own spinoff? 

I have a feeling we’ll still get quite a bit of Rebekah, as her romance with Matt seems to finally be starting (hopefully the boy comes to his senses).

But Klaus will have a full-time job handling Marcel over in New Orleans.  And, if there aren’t any werewolves or hybrids used this season, our heroes don’t need Klaus’s blood.  Although…

How will human Katherine be used?

With the doppelganger as a human again, Klaus has every reason to go after Katherine.  Worst of all, our heroes have no personal incentive to save her.

But what if Silas has plans for her?

We still don’t know who the original Petrova was, the person Katherine and Elena are shadow copies of.  What if the original was Silas’s lover?

Silas in Stefan’s body

Silas is “back.” His original goal was to break the veil between worlds and then drink a potion which would remove his immortality and then kill himself.  Now, the only witch powerful enough to break that veil is dead and the vampirism cure has been used on Katherine.

Will Silas get a new objective in life or will he come up with another way to finally get to his beloved?

If he can’t get back to her, what if he can use a Petrova doppelganger’s body to bring her to him?  Assuming my earlier theory is right.

And of course…

Team Damon is victorious! 

I want more Delena scream time and I want it starting with the first episode!

Who knows, maybe Stefan will get human Kathryn as a consolation prize.

Vampire Morality: Alternative Victims

Back to our main question:  How do authors get us to root for these malicious creatures of the night who feed on human blood?

Well, what if they don’t feed on human blood?

Below is a list of alternate food sources vampires have used in popular vampires book and television series.

Human blood (but from a blood bank):  Damon in Vampire Diaries (the TV version) does this.
Animal blood:  In Twilight and in Vampire Diaries (book and TV series).  In Vampire Diaries, animal blood can sustain vampires but isn’t as gratifying or empowering as human blood.
Synthetic Blood: Bill Compton in True Blood.
Symbiotic feeding:  Shori in Fledgling by Octavia Butler.  This one in particular is rather interesting.  The “vampires” (called “Ina”) in this novel need human blood for nourishment.  However, humans feel an intense euphoric sensation when they are fed on.  Being bitten by a Moroi or Strigoi in Vampire Academy is similar, but in Fledgling the feedings heal human wounds and increase their lifespan.

No Alternatives in Communion

Sorry, but my dhampir don’t get to cop out.  In Communion, my dhampir are powered by something inside of them called vampiric essence.  They still eat regular food for the sake of the human part of them.  But their vampiric essence requires human blood.  Feeding on goats and rabbits won’t give them their superhuman abilities, which is what most of my characters are after.

Those are all my notes on Vampire Morality.  Let me know if there’s any other alternatives to human blood I left out or if there’s any other aspects of Vampire Morality I should explore.

Thanks for reading.

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