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Guest Blog on Simply Infatuated

Hi guys,

I made a Guest Blog Post on Simply Infatuated. 
Here’s a peek:

In Communion, the group has to get Lester to drink human blood in order to awaken his dhampir abilities. Getting someone to drink blood at random is pretty tough, so the group puts it in his drink. Here’s the scene:

“So, Lester, Roman makes this drink called a Bloody Stake. I normally don’t take mine with alcohol. But if alcohol’s your thing, his dad has a wide selection.”
I saw the chance Gwynn gave me and took it. “How about I take my first one without and— depending on where the night goes—we’ll see.”
She smiled.
“But…” I began.
I tried to think of a graceful way to say I’d prefer to be around Roman when he made the drinks.
Gwynn laughed. “You still don’t trust us?”
“I never said that.”
“But you felt it.”
I shrugged. I wasn’t sure what to think of her knowing how I felt.
“Let’s head to the kitchen so you can watch Roman work.”
Roman reached into the freezer and pulled out a pre-made Bloody Mary mix with a TGI Friday’s
“Better rinse out the glasses in case Lester suspects there’s some roofie residue at the bottom.”
Roman shot Brent an annoyed glance but did so.
I sat down at the kitchen table, deciding that my presence would be enough to dissuade any mischief. And just in case, I still glanced over at Roman making the drinks every now and then. When he added some tabasco sauce, I figured maybe it was better I didn’t know the ingredients.
Gwynn and Brent were talking easily amongst themselves. They’d broken up months ago, but I wondered if there were still lingering feelings.
“Here you go.”
Roman passed me a cup. Its contents looked like cherry Kool-Aid. The four of us toasted to nothing in particular. I sipped. Then my eyebrows jumped from the sweetness hitting my tongue and I quickly downed the rest.
“That was great!”

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