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Vampire Diaries Season 4 Recap


Time to get ready for the Vampire Diaries Season 5 premier next Thursday.  Here’s the skinny on what went down last season:

Elena:  For anyone who’s [been hiding under a rock] Elena Gilbert is now a vampire.  For a while, she was sired to Damon Salvatore, but this bond seems to have been broken when shut-off her humanity switch after Jeremy’s death.  (My favorite thing she did) Motivated by her an obsession to kill Katherine, Elena turned her switch back on.  In a twist of events, the two Nina Dobrev’s duke it out.  And just when you think the one who’s 500+ years old is gonna win…

Katherine:  Katherine is now a human.  It’s a little said, because it totally kills her chances of getting with Elijah (it seemed like the feelings were genuine in Episode 18, American Gothic).  Although, it’s totally deserved after what she did to Jeremy.

Jeremy:  Jeremy was given the Hunter’s mark after vampire hunter Conner dies.  This mark functions as a map and the group used it to locate the body of Silas and a cure for vampirism.  Jeremy was killed in the process of reviving Silas, but was brought back via a final spell from Bonnie.

Bonnie:  Is “dead.”  But dead is a changeable status in the world of Vampire Diaries.  The problem was, she was too powerful for her own good.  Is it for her to use that power to kill people, but when she used it to bring Jeremy back to life, that was just too much for the dead witches to allow.

Damon:  Our favorite bad boy is still the same.  Oh!  Also in the final episode, Elena confessed her love for Damon.  (Suck it, Team Stefan).

Stefan:   As a consolation prize, Stefan got to deliver Silas’s body-turned-stone to a lake.  There, he would toss in a metal chest containing Silas’s remains, so no one would ever find it. Except, Stefan ended up being tossed into that chest.

Because Silas is alive!  Turns out when Bonnie died, the spell she used to bind Silas was broken. And now Silas will roam around with Stefan’s face because Stefan is Silas’s doppelgänger!

And, let’s not forget…

Matt:  My boy barely graduated.  But now that he has, he’s going to travel around the world with Rebekah.

Klaus:  He showed up to save the group from the visitors from the other side.  But with his home of New Orleans taken over by Marcel and The Originals spin-off coming, will we be seeing much of Klaus in Season 5?

Tyler:  Speaking of Klaus, he told Caroline that our favorite hybrid can come back to Mystic Falls.  Hopefully Caroline can find him and tell him the good news.

Caroline:  She’s graduated and off to college.  We’ll see if Silas’s return puts a dent in that.