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Free Ebook

I said I would never do it.

I told myself and others that giving a novel away for free would de-value it.

But I’m gonna do it anyway.

I spent months on Communion.  It’s my pride and joy and at this point I think more people need to experience such a good read.

For the first time ever, Communion will be available FOR FREE on the Amazon Kindle.  Pick up a copy next Tuesday May 13th.

Tell your friends!  Tell your friends’ friends!

I’ll be doing some promo on Twitter.  Any re-tweet would be much appreciated.

You can find Communion on Amazon here.

And, if check out preview here.

Lastly, in other news, Sparkle is coming!  It will be released next month.  More info on this soon.


Administrative Announcement: Return from Hiatus


So this is late, but I hope you guys had wonderful holidays.  I spent most of mine sick.  It sucked 😦

Yes, it’s been a LONG time since I last posted here.  I had all these grand ambitions and even wrote a list of topics I was going to blog about after crossing over from unpublished to published author. 

It’s funny how life catches up with you.

A few administrative things:

There will be print copies of Communion (that’s right, get excited).

I will posting my sales stats from Oct. to Dec. soon

There will be a sequel to Communion, at least two if I have my way.  The working title for book 2 is Integral.

When I started writing this post a few days ago, I only had a basic (VERY basic) list of ideas for Integral.  Right now I’m toying with which social issue to address in Integral.

For those of you who have read Communion, the “moral” my character learns is the best way to handle his bullies is to have a group of good friends.  Of course, Les learns this in the hardest way and after several loses. 

I’ll be doing more research all weekend to nail a new issue down and I plan to begin the first draft as early as February. 

I’ll be back with more soon. 

Stay tuned.


Guest Blog on Simply Infatuated

Hi guys,

I made a Guest Blog Post on Simply Infatuated. 
Here’s a peek:

In Communion, the group has to get Lester to drink human blood in order to awaken his dhampir abilities. Getting someone to drink blood at random is pretty tough, so the group puts it in his drink. Here’s the scene:

“So, Lester, Roman makes this drink called a Bloody Stake. I normally don’t take mine with alcohol. But if alcohol’s your thing, his dad has a wide selection.”
I saw the chance Gwynn gave me and took it. “How about I take my first one without and— depending on where the night goes—we’ll see.”
She smiled.
“But…” I began.
I tried to think of a graceful way to say I’d prefer to be around Roman when he made the drinks.
Gwynn laughed. “You still don’t trust us?”
“I never said that.”
“But you felt it.”
I shrugged. I wasn’t sure what to think of her knowing how I felt.
“Let’s head to the kitchen so you can watch Roman work.”
Roman reached into the freezer and pulled out a pre-made Bloody Mary mix with a TGI Friday’s
“Better rinse out the glasses in case Lester suspects there’s some roofie residue at the bottom.”
Roman shot Brent an annoyed glance but did so.
I sat down at the kitchen table, deciding that my presence would be enough to dissuade any mischief. And just in case, I still glanced over at Roman making the drinks every now and then. When he added some tabasco sauce, I figured maybe it was better I didn’t know the ingredients.
Gwynn and Brent were talking easily amongst themselves. They’d broken up months ago, but I wondered if there were still lingering feelings.
“Here you go.”
Roman passed me a cup. Its contents looked like cherry Kool-Aid. The four of us toasted to nothing in particular. I sipped. Then my eyebrows jumped from the sweetness hitting my tongue and I quickly downed the rest.
“That was great!”

Want to make your on Bloody Stake?  Check out the recipe on Simply Infatuated


A Quick Random Conversation with B. Patterson

Hi guys,

I need to a break from the marketing madness and spamming my Twitter account (it’s only for the next few weeks, I promise).


Did anyone see last night’s episode of Sleepy Hollow?

I’m still not sure how I feel about the show.  I LIKE Ichabod and Abbie’s chemistry.  And I LIKE Ichabod’s dialogue and overall wit.  But there show has a very unrealistic feel to it.  So many broken rules in regard to police policy.  And there are other factors that seem kind of absurd, like the fact Ichabod is still wearing his 18th century gear.

As long as my Monday evening Criminal Justice class continues to let out early, I’ll keep watching it.


Excited for Agents of Shield to start tonight.

 Pft, what else is there to say?


Communion is now on Goodreads. 

 I have in my phone that I was supposed to create a Goodreads author page back in July.  Well I did… yesterday.  And I added Communion.


So, anyone else see Sleepy Hollow?

And I know you’re all excited for Agents of Shield, right?

Interview with Author Jeanie Grey :: Release Party

Just met Jeanie over on Twitter this past weekend. She’s funny and has some good insight about self-publishing

Mari Wells

When did you start writing stories?

I fell in love with words in kindergarten, when I learned to read. I remember coming home, so proud I had learned to spell ‘dinosaur’ and ‘hospital.’ And we had a work station at school where you could make a little book. I can’t remember now whether there were pictures and you had to write the story or whether the story was written and you had to draw the pictures, but I do remember thinking, when I was done, that I had just written a book. A momentous occasion, to be sure. 😉

Why vampires?

I started reading vampire stories in my teens and DEVOURED all the YA vampire books I could find – Christopher Pike’s The Last Vampire series, L. J. Smith’s Vampire Diaries (waaaay before the TV show came out), The Silver Kiss by Annette Curtis Klause…eventually Anne Rice’s vampire series, and…

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