(Brief) REVIEW: Agents of SHIELD Episode #1

All I can say is… WOW!

Ok, I’ll say a little bit more than that.

agents of shield

So much happened in that first episode.  I’ve seen half of a dozen other new shows this fall, and they had about HALF as much content in their first TWO episodes.

Like we’d expect from a writer with Joss Whedon’s caliber, this first episode had action, humor, and great eye candy (I see you Chloe Bennet!  Oh, and you too Brett Dalton).

So, as I said, A LOT happened in this episode.  I try to keep my posts short and sweet (and humorous) but I can’t do that without skipping over information that could be relevant for a later episode.  For another review in chronological order of events, see Eightbitbrit’s review.

I will introduce the relevant characters and a brief blurb about what they did this first episode:

Agent Coulson:
The man himself is back!  Apparently, he was revived and then went on vacation in Tahiti.  But, remember, this is SHIELD and not everything is as it seems.  Also, whenever Tahiti is brought up, Coulson immediately says, “it’s a magical place.”  If that’s not sneaky enough, our brief time with Agent Maria Hill ends with her saying, “Coulson can never know the truth.”
QUOTE:  “Welcome to level 7”

Agent Grant Ward:



The first reluctant recruit to Agent Coulson’s new team.  He’s the muscle of the group and an experienced sharpshooter.  We see him take on a few random goons in the beginning in the episode and a takes out the “villain” with a clean headshot.  There are hints that he has some *family issues*
QUOTE about Agent Grant from Agent Coulson:  “You’ve got outstanding marks in all areas.  But under your people skills, she drew a poop.  With knives sticking out.”

Agent Melinda May:

Our other reluctant agent.  Coulson recruited her with the promise she’d only drive the bus and NOT enter the field.  That didn’t last long…

Fitz and Simmons:

The young British(?) Engineer and Biochemist.  These two will be coming up with a lot of fancy gadgets to get the teams out of tight spots.




Hacker and part of The Rising Tide (which she may or may not be the only member of).  She tracks down Michael Peterson to warn him about SHIELD but is eventually caught herself.  After meeting Agent Coulson (and of course Agent Ward) she learns that maybe SHIELD isn’t as bad as she though.  Coulson offers her a spot on his team at the end of the episode.
QUOTE:  Agent Ward:  “I bet she was one of those sweaty cosplay girls who hover around Stark tower.”  Skye:  “No I— ok, maybe once.”

Michael Peterson:

Working class man, single dad, and all-around great guy.  And also our “villain” for the episode.  Michael injured his back on his job and sought out some assistance from a doctor.  This doctor gave him a special concoction that was part Extremis, mixed with the super serum that made Captain America and gamma radiation (and we all know what that did to Banner).  Michael still tries to be a good guy, but the concoction messes with his head.  He attacks his old boss and others but is stopped by the agents after giving an amazing speech.
EPIC QUOTE:  Doctor:  “This is a disaster.”  Michael:  “No, this is an origin story.”


No name given for this hottie- er, baddie.  She recruited Michael and another for her treatments.  SHIELD doesn’t know who she is yet, so I bet we’ll be seeing more of her later.
QUOTE:  “The people who supplied me do not want this getting out.”

Great first episode.  Can’t wait to see it again next Tuesday!

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  1. While this pilot wasn’t the best TV on air, it has the beginnings of something great. I’m excited that it’s got a Scot and a Sheffield girl playing main characters, Fitz and Simmons. I love how accessible this ep was. I think My son who is 5 could watch it if I allowed him to watch live action prime time tv.
    I actually feel like this is an antithesis to Firefly. A ragtag group of outsider agents flying around the Marvel Verse aiming to behave and make other do the same. I’m sure there will be more to it than that obviously, but I’ve heard the next three episodes will be testing out formulas and format so I’m excited to see more and give it a chance.

    • It’s the best that I’ve seen thus far (although I’m not much of a tv-watcher). What show do you feel had a better pilot?

      I agree with you on the accessibility. Which is a great move by Marvel, as I’m sure some of those who watched enjoyed the Avengers but are still too new to the Marvel Universe to catch everything. Actually, my roommate and I had to look up The Centipede.

      Never watched Firefly! (But I did see Serenity). Let’s see… I was 13? I didn’t get really get into comics until college.

      I’m looking forward to seeing what else they do.

      • I can only give examples of past shows as I haven’t watched any other new shows this season. But some goodies, were Angel, Leverage, Fringe, and Alphas. They each had a great pilot and I followed all of them through to the end. AofS may not have been the best pilot but it still had a lot of promise of greatness to come. That’s why I’ll probably stick with it.

      • You got me. I meant to say “Best I’ve seen this this fall” (thus far, you can see how I mixed the two up, right?)

  2. I’ve heard good things about that headless horseman show though.
    We haven’t really had much time for TV either but this is one show I had to make the exception.

    • It’s worth watching but I one can’t hold it up too the same standard as AoS. Too many small details that are completely ignored, like a “dead body” getting up and leaving the morgue without someone saying anything. Still, it’s entertaining and worth watching. It has successfully convinced me to watch it for another week.

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