Review: X-men Battle of the Atom Chapter 2

Now where have I seen that mask before…


Anywho, in Chapter 2 of the new X-men crossover event Battle of the Atom, we get introduced to the X-men from the future.  We’ve got old man Deadpool and Beast.  We’ve got the Indomitable Ice Cube- er, Ice Man.  Who apparently had his brains frozen over and is incapable of speech.  And we have the aptly named… Xavier.  Who’s not the Xavier who just died, but his grandson.

TIME-OUT: This better not be Legion’s son.  No one wants to sleep with Legion.

Hilarity ensures as past and present Ice Man are not impressed with their future self (neither am I for that matter).  But, out of nowhere, Wolverine goes into beserker mode!

Eh, if only.  Turns out original Jean Grey took over his body, so she and Scott could escape.  Original Beast was invited, but he probably realized this was a chance for Scotty have some alone time with Jeany.  Way to be a Bro, Hank, way to be a Bro.

What’s Jean’s problem?  Xavier was shielding the mind of the future X-men.  And, we all know, if you don’t want someone reading your mind, you have something to hide.

Before everyone sets out to find the two elopers, Rachel confronts the final, masked member of the future X-men, only to find out it’s–

Magneto as Xorn

Magneto as Xorn

Nope, think again.  Take a wild guess.  The one person that it can’t be.  Yep, you’re right.

We just saw the Phoenix last summer in AvX!

I swear if the Phoenix shows up at some point in this crossover event… I’m still gonna buy the comics, but I’ll be sorely disappointed.

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  1. hehehe “Indomitable Ice Cube” yeahhh, I don’t know. I really did love how annoyed Wolverine was, though. Marvelous!
    As for the Phoenix… I’m still holding out hope that it doesn’t come to that… maybe Rachel will hold Jeannie in check? hmmmm…

    • Maaaybe.

      The only thing worse than Phoenix back would be making Jean Grey a regular member of the cast of the present X-men. Honestly, I think Rachel is underused. Before Schism, she was “lost in space” for a few years with Havok.

  2. Gotta say I personally think the Phoenix is gonna be involved. I don’t buy how Jean’s powers are increasing exponentially in the present-day, not one bit.

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