Review: X-Men Battle of the Atom Chapter 1


So here we are, the next big X-Men event (also known as Marvel’s way of getting me to pay money… er, pay attention to what’s going on the comics).

Of course chapter 1 starts off with the X-Men fighting… sentinels.  Again.

And you say, “But it’s nostalgic B.!!”

Not when the X-men were fighting sentinels as recently as Issue #1 of Uncanny X-Men.  And no, not the 1963 Issue. The 2013 Issue…

Issue Number 1!!  ...from February 2013

Issue Number 1!! …from February 2013

What was plot relevant about this fight with the sentinels is Shadowcat with the original X-men set out to retrieve a new “powerful” mutant.  The term “Omega-level” (think Jean Grey, Legion, and Ice Man) wasn’t used.  Which is good, as this new “powerful mutant” named Animax was simply another poster child for the why you shouldn’t allow kids to bully each other (they get moment powers and then use them to run wild in Phoenix, Arizona).

So since Animax likely won’t show up again for the duration of this event, the actual plot relevant piece of this fight was when the aptly named “Christopher” (can someone get me a codename for this kid?) brought original Cyclops back to life.  With his bare (gloved) hands.  Which Christopher APPROPRIATELY freaks out about in Chapter 2 of this event (Bendis gets +1 for giving him a believable reaction).

Anyway, while original Cyclops was dead, present day Cyclops was trippin’ out and no one could find him, proving to the X-Men what readers have known all along:  you mess with the past, you mess up the present.

And the future!  Just when Beast and the others tried to send the originals back to their own time, the X-men of the future show up to prevent them from making “a horrible mistake.”

Dun dun dun!

P.S. Beast from the future = Awesome.  I love the horns and tail.

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  1. LOL! Yay, I’m so glad you’re reviewing this. Also, we had similar -just take my money, Marvel- comments (and I think I went *dun dun dun*)

    This is some of the most confusing (but funny) plotlines. And Christopher and present day Cyclops’s exchange was pure awesome. So good.

    • Yes it was. So that kids name is really Christopher, huh? Of all the mutant/healer names to choose from…

      Yeah, time travel stuff is confusing. And I see it this event setting up a new retcon that allows Bendis to do whatever he wants with the X-men.

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