Sparkly Vampires

There’s a lot of diversity within the vampire genre.  Every author who writes about the creatures of the night is expected to do something unique to make theirs stand out.  There’s no one RIGHT way to use vampires.

However, no matter how many vampire fans I talk to, there seems to be one constant WRONG way, and that is to have your vampires sparkle in the daylight.

I admit, as a guy, sparkly vampires wouldn’t be my first choice for distinctive traits.  But whenever I run into something that is constantly ridiculed it gets me thinking.  And when I get to thinking, I get to writing, and then…

I bet you I can take something as LAME as sparkly vampires and make them totally badass.  Check out my free Wattpad story Sparkle to see if I lived up to the challenge.

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  1. I’ll take a read but sometimes the quirks make interesting concepts. I read a story about vampires who sucked lemons instead of blood.

    • Haha lemon sucking vamps? That sounds pretty awesome. Although it doesn’t really strike me as scary. Unless they can spit the lemon juice in people’s eyes. Now that would make a great horror movie!

      Let me know what you think of it.

      • The story was not scary at all and I author basically inverted the entire vampire premise where they realized that walking around in the sun wasn’t an instant death, they could survive off lemon juice instead of blood etc. I’m not big on vampire stories but using unusual and non-traditional elements with good writing are a sure way to win over readers!

      • Yeah, sadly, vamps aren’t as popular as they used to be. I always told myself I’d never write a vamp story. But, I started one after I did a start about Succubi, and they grew on me.

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