Communion: Back Cover Summary


I’ve heard good things about the cover for Communion.  The job of a book cover is to draw the reader’s attention so, out of all the other books they’re looking at, the reader picks up yours.  But once they pick it up, it’s the back cover summary that should convince them to open up the first page.

Here’s what I have for Communion:

“Lester Fuller knows isolation well. It has been his only friend since Jadarius Singleton humiliated him last year. But one night after Jadarius’s taunts go too far, Lester stumbles upon Gwynn’s body.  He’s sure she’s dead.  Until she bites him.

Vampires are extinct. There are only the dhampir.

Now something more than human, Lester struggles to determine where he fits in this new society. Just what secrets about the dhampir are his new friends keeping from him? And what will he do when a notorious figure from dhampir history sets her eyes on him?”

This has gone through several iterations.  Most recently, I took out the buzzwords, such as bullying.  Bullying plays a heavy role in Communion.  Jadarius is Lester’s bully.  Lester first meets Camellia because she’s a school psychologist who specializes in bullying.

But because bullying is thrown around so much in stories and in society nowadays, I didn’t want it to be used in the summary.  Instead I used words like “isolation”, “humiliation”, and point out Lester’s lack of friends.  What do you think?  Should our books’ back cover summaries use buzzwords?

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Avid Reader. Relentless Writer. Lover of Wisdom. Author of Communion.

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  1. This sounds great, I can’t wait to read it. 😀

  2. Thanks. It took forever to come up with. I think some people have a special knack for coming up with suspenseful summaries. Sadly, I don’t. Haha.

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